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Hiroo TSUKADA, President

The name "Telesis" contains the idea of achieving a goal or making progress by means of intellectual labor and effort. It is a fitting name for us, because the work we do in creating Japanese and foreign-language versions of media products is the very essence of intellectual labor.

The first and central step of the process involves the struggle to convey meaning through translation. Taking the field of documentaries as an example, we handle virtually every subject imaginable, from politics, economics, religion and history to visual arts, music, physics and mathematics. Sometimes, words that appear in the originals have no equivalents in the target language. And even when they do, half of our work consists of research and study to ensure that we thoroughly understand every nuance. Once we have achieved a solid understanding, our next task is to fashion the right expression to make our dubbed scripts and subtitles come alive.

It is surprisingly difficult to find accurate and natural-sounding expressions that fit comfortably within a few short seconds of screen time. Perhaps this is why we feel such a sense of challenge and satisfaction with each successful project. Over the years, the nature of our work has helped us to evolve the following company philosophy.

When working on a project, the client's wishes naturally provide the basis for our efforts. Beyond that, however, we are also intensely concerned with the satisfaction of the audience, foreign movie fans, and other consumers of our media products. With this in mind we are constantly striving to produce works that are correct, clearly understandable and emotionally satisfying. We are proud of our growth as a company and the number of projects we have brought to successful completion, but we are proudest of the fact that our work is of the very highest quality in the industry.
Human resources are the very lifeline of any production company. Therefore, we constantly maintain an extensive network of translators both in Japan and abroad who can work in a wide variety of languages. At the same time, we work to nurture talented new translators and directors.
Whether fresh faces or experienced veterans, anyone who works in this field must have two characteristics: flexibility of thought, and autonomous creativity. Our employees think and act for themselves in a personal quest to achieve self- realization. As a company, we respect the intentions of employees who display open- hearted generosity, and do all we can to support them in their efforts to realize their full potential.
There can be no development in our company operations unless all of our employees have a passionate devotion to their work, a vigorous desire to investigate, a wellspring of fresh ideas, a willingness to work cooperatively with others, and an ability to act quickly and effectively. All of our employees share an awareness of this and, through the daily performance of their duties, build Telesis's future.

We get tremendous pleasure out of becoming familiar with the media cultures of other countries. At the same time, we are constantly confronted by cross-cultural indifference and misunderstanding, which form the backdrop to international conflicts. We believe the task of bringing people into contact with foreign dramas and documentaries and exposing them to the diversity of our world will become even more important in the years to come.

Through our Japanese and foreign-language versioning, we in the Telesis Group feel that we are contributing in a small way to international cultural exchange. With firm resolve and enthusiasm, we will continue to meet future challenges as we pursue further development in this field.

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