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Since its founding 1991, Studio Uni has produced an impressive array of image and sound projects with a focus on broadcast programming. To successfully complete the post production phase of a project, the first requirement is a high and reliable standard of quality that does justice to all of the sweat and tears that have already been put into the project. The demanding standards we have forged through our work on broadcast programming have earned us a reputation of quality and reliability throughout the industry.

 Video Editing Suites

Two of our editing rooms share the same machine room, which allows us to handle virtually any tape format, including D3+VTR, and to mix subtitles using Telop Files. Our newly built third editing room takes full advantage of the latest digital editing technologies.

    Video Editing Equipment
Video Editing Suite No. 1
 Audio Editing Suites

Our audio editing suite, MA Room No. 1, which is equipped with an isolation booth for narration recording, was rearranged in 2002 to accommodate 5.1 audio editing requirements. Our recording studio, MA Room No. 2, is adjacent to a spacious recording booth for the after-recording of foreign films. Both studios have recently been converted to a ProTools? system that has greatly enhanced both efficiency and external compatibility.

    Audio Editing Equipment
ユニ アフレコステージ
AR stage connected to Audio Editing Suite No. 2

Sawaya Building 2-12-15 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo,
162-0825 Japan

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