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Latest NEWS from Telesis international

Updated Nov.2009
PRIMEVAL season.1
primeval season1
DISC1 Door to primeval age (Permian period), Terror of giant spider (Carboniferous period), Back stage of PRIMEVAL (45min)
DISC2 Monster of the sea (Cretaceous period), Tragedy of Dodo(15C - 17C)
DISC3 Frying killer (Cretaceous period), Unknown beast (Permian period)
All Rights Reserved ©BBC Worldwide Ltd 2009
Distributor: Telesis international, Inc.
Studio: Geneon Universal Entertainment Japan, LLC.
Updated Feb.2009
Shakespeare collection 1 & 2
shakespeare DVD
Shakespeare collection 1 (18 titles/19disks) 2808 minutes
Shakespeare collection 2 (19 titles/18disks) 3149 minutes

Video: Digital remaster version
Language: English
Subtitles: Japanese, English

Japanese versioning: Telesis, Inc.
Distributor: Telesis international, Inc
Studio: Family music industry, Inc. Maruzen Company, Limited (for educational use)
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