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Digial Projects

Telesis International's Digital Business Division provides support to medium and small companies and home offices who want to make better use of their computers in all ways, from the World Wide Web to business assistance software. Operating on the basis of the key phrases "Use what you have," "Freeware," and "Use Web Technology," we can provide solutions that are tailored to clients' unique problems and circumstances.


Content Production

High-quality audio and visual production at a reasonable rate using non-linear editing.

Software Development

- Creating software for use with a project management database geared toward voice Japan Audio Production Association.
Without buying new equipment or introducing expensive software, we proposed that outside clients send their data to us to input for them. Because support was not available from the original developer of the software in question, which would only accept data typed in by hand, we added a CSV data function and search function.

- Developing groupware tentatively called "Local Board"

[Main Functions]
· Reservation chart for rooms and equipment
· Message board with email
· File sharing
· White board
· Time cards
· Individual schedule register
· Simplified email software, etc.

Although there are limits to the amount of customization that can be done with groupware, we can adjust the Local Board program to accommodate the specific needs of our individual clients.

For more information, contact:
Digital Business Division
Tel: 81-3-5261-1107

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